Branded t-shirt is what Separates real men from wanna be kids is how branded their clothes are. With a lot of knockouts out there in the market, it is easy for everyone to pretend they are wearing a branded one. But what it means to wear branded t-shirts for men.


 Hop on, let's find out.



  • As a wise man once said a brand is always a brand. Because once you start to wear branded t-shirts and there is no looking back for it.
  • Branded t-shirts don't stop not only with the quality it does give you a premium feel, it does give you a rich look, it makes the fashion statement where the rest of the knock out brands doesn't.
  • Not only the above criteria are the reason one should have to go for branded t-shirts the lifetime of the product is the most common reason most men prefer to go for the branded t-shirts.
  • So one can have a dilemma of choosing the right brand for one's need. That's where we pop in Classic Polo a Clothing Company that hails from the city of Tiruppur Classic Polo has a rich taste and is known for bringing up the trendiest collections in the men's fashion world.
  • SO the biggest rival to branded products is not a knock-off it is the rival brand that has been competing with years but is still on the second gear the reason we are A Head Of The Curve in the competing fashion world is simple We Deliver When It Matters.
  • Because when it comes to up to date fashion collections and the quality Classic Polo is your perfect destination.
  • Classic Polo is in the fashion industry for more than 30 years and we have seen our share of style ranges vary for the past 30 years and above this is the reason we can deliver the right products from boys to teens to men.
  • With the abundance of designs and the fashion campaign, we run fashion shows for every season it does have a very good reach among the fashion circle and this is one of the reasons Classic Polo is the Premium Brand all over India.
  • With the young and dynamic fashion designers in the house, we got everything covered that wanted by the youth of today that balances the quality and trend which was the most sought out thing in the fashion department.
  • So to conclude why one should wear a branded t-shirt is it just give you a 10/10 look.




  • When you wear a premium branded t-shirt it does make you stand out from the crowd.
  • With the ranges varying from solid to print one can have a lot of options choosing the correct t-shirt.
  • With the shades varying from mild to dark everyone can go for a branded classic polo t-shirt. People of all skin tones can wear our t-shirt depending upon one's preference.
  • People in different parts of India love to wear different types of shades Classic Polo is one of the premium brands that satisfy completely.
  • Bored of wearing the same old typical t-shirt try our t-shirts at Classicpolos.com to stand out from the crowd.




  • We work on the motto "QUALITY IS EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS".
  • Starting from top to bottom quality has been put forward by Classic Polo since the brand's inception.
  • Starting from fabric to stitching to printing everything has been crafted with the utmost craftsmanship by our craftsmen.
  • Cotton, fine cotton, Mercerized, Double Mercerized and Twill fabric are the most common fabrics used by us for manufacturing our t-shirts.
  • Let's see how each fabric does:



     i)Cotton- Cotton is the most basic fabric used by Us to satisfy a certain set of our customers. Cotton is like the heart of the fabric nothing moves with it. There is always a set fan base for cotton branded t-shirts.

  1. ii) Fine Cotton - Fine Cotton is the softer version of cotton. Due to its different yarn pattern compared with regular cotton. Fine cotton has three variants Bleached, dyed and printed. It's more like a double-boiled rice version of the fabric the softens that fine cotton gives is unmatchable. If you have never tried a fine cotton t-shirt, it's time to try one @ Classicpolos.com.

    iii) Mercerized Cotton - T-Shirts manufactured from mercerized cotton have brighter colors and increasingly long life after multiple times of washing when compared with the rest of the fabrics.

  1. iv) Double Mercerized Cotton - Fabrics that are mercerized once they are woven are called double mercerized cotton. It has extra breathability which results in absorbing more sweat than any fabric. Double mercerized as like its peer Mercerized Cotton has more lifetime.
  2. v) Twill Fabric- In this, the yarns are stick together which results in producing a thick and strong material.


Check our branded t-shirts from our website Classicpolos.com. Over and Out.