Types of T-shirts you should know before you buy

Knowing the type of t-shirts available in the market might upgrade your style game for sure. T-shirts are the savior of many wardrobes. When you don’t know what to wear, just grab a t-shirt, pair of jeans, sneakers, a nice jacket, and you’re all set to look, killer. Styling a t-shirt is very easy, but knowing the types of t-shirts and styling them seems quite difficult. Throughout history, the different types of t-shirts have proven to be accessible and flexible choices of clothing. That’s the reason why so many t-shirts styles are available in the market. You can pair them with just any bottoms and look rocking as well. T-shirts are designed to be comfortable and if you’re not comfortable in the t-shirt, then the fit is not right. Wear a t-shirt that enhances your body shape and will make you look stylish enough for the girls to check you out. The neckline plays a vital role to showcase your best features. Lean people should avoid wearing V-necklines and stout people should avoid wearing crew-neck people. In this article, you’ll get to know about various styles of t-shirts and will make it easier to find out the best one for you. Stick till the end to find out the best styles and combinations.


Half-sleeve t-shirt:

Every one of us has this kind of t-shirt in the wardrobe. When this t-shirt came into the market it was a huge hit in the fashion industry. It became popular in no time and it was loved by everyone. You can layer it with anything like bomber jackets, hoodies, blazers, shirts, etc... They look great when paired with chinos, denim, khaki, and even shorts. You can find it in various colors and patterns. You can wear these types of t-shirts to college, hanging out, or when running an errand.

Types of T-shirts you should know before you buy

Long sleeve t-shirt:

Have you ever wondered how the long sleeve t-shirt came to be such an iconic identity in fashion? Because of its nature which keeps the body warm through its full sleeve design. The full sleeve T-shirts are widely used in the winter season & some brands give extra protection to hands with their unique designs by expanding the cloth design up to hands. This kind of t-shirt is not found in everyone’s closet. You should consider having this beautiful piece in your wardrobe. It works well when dressed up or down.

Types of T-shirts you should know before you buy

Polo collar t-shirt:

Polo collars were the pioneer in using down buttons in the T-shirts category during the 19th century. The interesting fact is that it originated in India which was witnessed by British soldiers & it seemed attractive, this is how the polo collar was introduced. These were majorly used amongst horse rides for the fit & look. As you can all witness the majority of brands use horse riders playing polo as logos. Polo t-shirts are a step up from regular t-shirts. Women find men attractive in polo t-shirts as you’ll seem more mature in them than regular t-shirts. So, wear a nice fitting polo t-shirt and spread your charm among the ladies.

Types of T-shirts you should know before you buy

V-neck t-shirts:

V-neck t-shirts are one of the sexiest items, a man could possibly have. As fashion is concerned V-necks have been impressed with the designs, this was considered a modern-day fashion look in the mid-19th century. It originated in Los Angeles. When this fashion was circulating widely even women started wearing V-necks. It was suiting women perfectly because the majority of the women are short which looks appealing for the average height & short people. And this design is not at all suitable for people who are tall due to over-revealing their tall personalities.

Types of T-shirts you should know before you buy

Pocket t-shirts:

Shirt Pockets were invented mainly for business people, Entrepreneurs & people going to small parties because one would keep Visiting cards or Phone numbers in the pocket during those early days. As the usage of pockets getting popular, the T-shirts were also in a race to compete amongst others. As a result, it was useful for people who wear T-shirts for college to keep their small notes. Nowadays we see rare Pocket T-shirts but it is also one of the best designs you cannot miss out on. Small detailing in your outfit can spice up the outfit just like adding extra spices to your food does.


We hope you liked all the styles mentioned above. You can have any three of the styles mentioned above or can have every style mentioned above and look amazing, “The more the merrier”. Wear the right accessories to any outfit you’re wearing because the accessories will help to complete your look and also adds a different charm which people definitely notice. So, never underestimate the power of accessories. Have classic pieces of accessories and make any outfit look classy. You can go to our website smashonline.in and purchase any t-shirts mentioned above. It is super affordable and is of the best quality.