Types of shorts and ways to style them

 horts are every man’s favorite. They are the essential items found in their wardrobe. Shorts for men are the ultimate style quotient in the summer and monsoon. There are always seasons and occasions appropriate to wear shorts. for instance, if you are wondering about how to wear shorts to work on Saturdays, you can wear shorts with a formal shirt. If you are going for a trip especially if it’s a long drive, shorts can be the classy way to shout comfort and effortless style. Always make sure that your shorts are of the right fit and length. The length of the shorts makes a lot of difference. The basic style tip is, it should always be above your knee. Often, men who look for trends can invest in pair of shorts which could be a fashion at one time and run out in a while. The shorts style is well suited with casual shoes but, make sure that your socks shouldn’t be seen. Don’t ask why, it’s fashion! However, we all wonder about the styles to pull off them for various outings and the best combination to wear shorts with them. Stay tuned for getting ideas to know which type of shorts will suit you and for the occasion.Types of shorts and ways to style them


Sweat Shorts – Comfort is the key!

How to look trendy yet comfortable? This combination says it all. Buy a good pair of shorts which will give you company for most of the casual days. This is a signature comfort clothing style and you could pair it with a t-shirt and shorts to round off your look. Sweat shorts fulfill the latest trend of athleisure clothing, because of their look and the right fit.

  • If you have shed out a lot of sweat in the gym, then you can try pairing a red gym vest with black sweat shorts and round off your look with casual shoes or sneakers.
  • You can pair an orange round neck t-shirt with black or white sweat shorts and white sneakers to ace your look.Types of shorts and ways to style them


Jean shorts – casual yet trendy:

Denim is everyone’s wardrobe staple but when you do with your shorts, why not? They look casual and trendy. This combination works out well when you want to be comfortable yet look fashionable. The right belt and loafers can make any man look stylish and contemporary. Jean shorts have seen a decline in the market but with the latest trends like ripped jeans, they are back in fashion!

  • Pair a crisp with v neck t-shirt with blue denim shorts and white sneakers to give you a killer trendy look.
  • Try pairing a throw-off a light blue shirt on a white round neck t-shirt and blue denim. Round off this look by adding white sneakers or casual shoes to it.

Cargo Shorts – Man up!

Shorts, by themselves, dating back to the military, and cargo shorts are the best example of this trend and how it has transitioned over the years. Side pockets and comfort are the pros of sporting these cargo shorts. We would recommend you to invest in these shorts. As it is worth buying it.

  • Pair a grey crew neck t-shirt with cargo shorts and complete this comfortable yet stylish look by wearing white sneakers and don’t forget to not to show your socks.
  • Throw a simple black shirt on a white round neck t-shirt with cargo shorts and finish this trendy look by adding white or black sneakers.


Chinos Shorts – Always classy!

The trendiest and modern of all are chinos shorts which are both comfortable and striking. You can pair your chino shorts with plain striped shirts, tuck them in to give that formal and dapper twist to your outfit. This type of combination goes well with Saturday outfits for work. Always make sure to wear the correct belt and shoes to it. Experiment lot of shirts with chinos shorts and create your style.

  • Pair a black shirt with white chinos shorts, black leather belt, and round off this look by wearing black or brown boat shoes.
  • Consider pairing a navy-blue shirt with black chinos shorts, black leather belt, and complete this classy look by adding white or black boat shoes to it.Types of shorts and ways to style them


So, don’t fret too much thinking about how to wear shorts. It is as easy as any other piece of clothing. You can even nail this look like other outfits. You should just have the patience while trying this new look. Anything can go better if you do it patiently. “patience is the key which solves all your problems”. When you have the patience to experiment with the outfit you can nail any look and look stunning. Most of you might have heard this saying “A man who is master of patience is master of everything else”. Hence, have patience and try every look as there is no harm in trying. We hope you will try the styles mentioned above.