Types of Graphic T-shirts

Graphic tees are becoming a style quotient. Graphic T-shirts can answer your style requirements. Cool and quirky graphic prints are becoming a trend in this modern-day, and these tees are one of the must-have staples in the wardrobe of youth. When it comes to holding your character cool and classy, there is nothing better than graphic t-shirts. Unquestionably, graphic tees are the best and the commonly worn apparel across all age groups. The graphics range from mild ones, basic quotes, memes to heavy graphics. It is about how you style them to suit you. Here, let us look at some graphic tee types.

Typography & Photography Style

This type of design concentrates exclusively on messages, phrases, quotes, or slogans, with little-to-no images or photos on the t-shirt. The major characteristic of typographic t-shirt designs is the words. The creativity for this type of t-shirt design is in incorporating the current happenings and quotes with the current trend.

Types of Graphic T-shirts

The photography t-shirt design is defined by hyper-realistic images. T-shirts that focus on photography designs concentrate on an image itself, and any text is complementary. Since the image is the central factor of this t-shirt design type, the printing method is especially important, so the image looks exactly as it should. The Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing method is mostly used for quality prints on these types of t-shirts.

Abstract & Brand Designs

When this category arises, there is room for more creativity. Abstract designs ignite people’s engagement by being repeated or silly compositions of images or text that don’t have a particular narrative, description, or meaning behind them. Abstract designs aim to be interesting, unique, and aesthetic rather than meaningful. They can be in patterns, shapes, lines, or any combination of these. They are also innovative with the kind of stitching used for them, hanging patterns, some patches, and whatnot.

Types of Graphic T-shirts

Brand designs are created with the sole purpose of promoting a product, brand, or company. To create an efficient branded design, companies concentrate only on the design and featuring their logo in them. People also have a high liking for these types of t-shirts and bigger brands do this all the time.

Graphic Designs

This type of t-shirt design has components of both typography and design, drawings. The design parameters incorporate images that are balanced with typography to create a stylized, modern, illustrative t-shirt design that is appealing and eye-catching. Here, depending on how colourful the design is, the t-shirt is likely to be printed via any method. So, the methods are heat pressing, digital printing, etc.

Types of Graphic T-shirts

Graphic tees types are plenty, and it is up to you what you need. So, graphic tees are garnering attention, and these types should not only be your consideration. The design you need, the occasion you are going to use for these t-shirts are all necessary. These T-shirts should be styled in the right manner, any overdo will make you look awkward. By knowing what you like and don’t like about the t-shirt designs, you will be able to conserve your time and money.