Types and Styles of Men's Shorts

Shorts are the new modern style for Men. It has faced leaps and bounds, and it was once only limited to home leisurewear.

It was more of a relaxed outfit and was for the summers. Now, it has more modern touches and it finds a place in Summer staples as well as belonging to Athleisure. The summer season is more of a shorts season. There are so many styles, and with the takeover of athleisure, it will be confusing to know which shorts are suited for what event or occasion. Here, we will help you to sort this out, by listing few types so that you will always look great.

Linen Shorts

Types and Styles of Men's Shorts

You would have heard more about Linen trousers than linen shorts. But, consider it is summer, and the only thing in your mind will be to relax and feel comfortable with the material you are opting for. Linen shorts are comfortable, relaxing, and lightweight. Linen does wrinkle more than cotton, but the unique wrinkles are part of the style. These shorts can give you a more relaxed vibe, wear them to beaches and grab a few eyeballs.

Pockets, Patterns, and Styles in Shorts

Shorts come in many types, and you should nowadays look more into the utility part of the shorts as well. Those pockets will help you a lot as the shorts are becoming more of multi-purpose clothing.

Types and Styles of Men's Shorts

Cargo shorts and safari shorts with side, front, and back pockets are excellent for hiking or working outside anywhere that’s hot. Notably, after these purposes, they do not have much of a role in your wardrobe. Baggy, multi-pocketed shorts do not look cool in social gatherings. So, keep them only to outdoor hikes, adventures. These are ultra-casual and should not be worn to social events.

Solid colours such as tan, khaki, navy, are the most common styles for men’s shorts. Checks, especially checks with a white base, offer a cool look, but should be paired with at least a polo shirt.

Printed, Colour Block, & Graphic Shorts

Printed, graphic shorts are so in the trend that you can't just neglect them. For printed shorts, go with a navy polo, they are the kind of never-failing casual combo that you will definitely need when you have no time to spare.

Colour Blocks are something that is always eye-catching. Travelling is the time when you can sport them and look dapper. It certainly turns heads and for a beach look, go with a casual printed shirt and colour block shorts to get a relaxed vibe.

Types and Styles of Men's Shorts

While going with Graphic Shorts, the options are plenty. For a look that is straightforward, but can be displayed in a ton of diverse ways, make a white long sleeve shirt and graphic shorts your outfit choice. Complement this look with leather sandals for a more laid-back touch.

So, it can be tempting with these many options for shorts and wait for our next blog on how to style them. Until then, browse these types and styles which will give you a good checklist on what to have in your wardrobe.