Tips to Look More Muscular

People with skinny body types will never go unnoticed. Skinny guys face the problem of people asking why they are skinny, why are they slim, etc. But, the reality is that for some people gaining weight is a challenge. Whatever they do, those people would have a tough time looking muscular. There can be many factors that contribute to this and with some good knowledge and style tips and tricks, you can overcome this and these things can make you look more muscular.

Choosing Clothes according to your Body Type

The clothes you wear can easily create an illusion and it makes it more visible to the people who are looking at you. It makes people have an impression and it can be a good or a bad one. So, the most common mistake skinny guys make is to choosing and wearing oversized clothes. If you see the bigger picture here, people think these oversized clothes make their frame somewhat bigger. It does the opposite and it makes you look awkward. Again, for example, if you are interested in jeans, you cannot go blindly with any pair of jeans. Since the body type is slim here, forget about getting relaxed and loose-fitted jeans. The ideal type of fit to go for will be skinny fit, slim, and regular fit ones.

Coats & Blazers

If something is there that can be considered as the best companions for the skinny body type, then it is these blazers, suits, jackets, and sport coats. The coats and blazers can add a structure to your body type and here the shoulders are padded as well to maintain a good shape and in a way, it can give you a more composed look. Another technique to add mass to your appeal is to go with intelligent layers. To achieve this, you can first start with something as thin as a base layer and build it with something thicker and sturdy for the top.
Whatever you choose, the main thing to keep in mind is that the layers should blend well, mixing and matching if not done right, it may lead to a big fashion and style blunder from your side. For a start, choose and stick with one colour at a time and try to complement it with one that blends with all colour types, something that is neutral.

Additional Tips

Choosing and playing around with patterns is another thing that can yield good results. About the lines, if you can choose something horizontal, it will be good to bring in more depth and structure to your upper body. Small checks pattern can also be a smart choice, choose smaller patterns such as multicolour checks. Play with colours and try to choose only lighter tones instead of going for darker colours.

So, being skinny cannot be seen as a drawback. All it takes is to do some research and you are done and dusted with your styling and the only thing to do is to present yourself and ace the look.