Summer Vacation Style Guide

Summer Vacations are special, and people look at them as a form of relaxation. Vacations are the need of the hour, people are getting stress from all corners nowadays. Taking time off the regular activities and spending quality time away with family or friends will always set a good mood, and it can take you places. So, summer vacation needs some style, without it, your presence will lose appeal. On vacation, if you intend to enjoy it, your style needs to be on point. Here, let us look at some summer vacation styles to make you look cool.

For a City Tour

Since it is summer, it is going to be difficult to manage the heat. So, be prepared to face it, and you should always have plenty of options up your sleeve. Start with packing at least two shoes. Choose trainers for walking around the city and sight-seeing, as your main aim is to be comfortable. Wear something smarter even for a dinner in the evening, so you stand apart from the crowd. Depending on the weather on that particular day, you can choose to wear another layer. If you want the shoes to be versatile, then the suede colour is a great choice as you can wear it with smart-casual outfits as well.

Summer Vacation Style Guide

For the rest of your outfit, consider clothes that go in combinations. A light shirt works very well to pair up with chinos, or you can wear it as a jacket over a T-shirt on the colder evening. For a night out, it goes well under a blazer too. It will be smart to stick to a single palette, so you can choose, mix and match other clothes together with no clashing.

Time for some Adventure?

Summer Vacation Style Guide

Adventures can be a part of your trip, and you cannot go places like hiking, trekking, rowing, etc. with normal city outfits. Nowadays, there is so much demand for outdoor activities that you can do on a vacation. So besides packing insect sprays, creams, and a suitable hat, long-sleeved shirts are perfect to have as they can preserve your arms from sunburn and insect bites. Go for rugged camp shirts to save you from everything that comes in your way on your adventures. It is going to be an ideal layer to wear atop your new favourite T-shirt on a long day hike or for a chilly summer evening. If you are not doing anything too exhausting that would require hiking boots, then even some modest sandals that you can walk around it would work.


In these times where covid is not fully gone, your travel should be centered around safety, and the precautions that you have been taking these many days over the year should continue. It is a necessity that you do not go to places that are overcrowded and you will have to wear masks and follow social distancing throughout your vacation. Sanitizers are also a necessity if you are going to check around a lot of places.