Skin Care Routine for Men

The changing Fashion Trends fall in the right place, and nowadays self-care has seen a rise in men too. Before it used to be in the women's zone where fashion and self-care were hovering around. Especially, when you discuss skincare, it was a territory that belonged to women, and with more and more exposure to fashion, modernization, things have changed for good. Skincare becomes a very vital thing to focus on now, with the pollution, and all the exposure. Being a stylish man requires several expectations from generations earlier, no matter your age or where you come from, keeping your skin and your health is vital to living happily and being a man of today.

So, maintaining your skin will be a big task now, and with easy and simple tips, you can nail it. We will look into some routines to follow, to come out with good results.

Skin Types

Skin Care Routine for Men

Skin types should be first identified if you are about to jump in and take care of your skin. There are mainly four skin types namely oily, combination, normal and dry. Dry skin is usually self-explanatory, if you are sensitive to dandruff and flaky skin anyplace across your body, you apparently fit into the dry skin category. People with dry skin tend to be more prone to skin irritation and reactions due to the dryness. Alike to dry skin, oily skin is also self-descriptive. It is actually where your skin pores serve to be larger and more prominent, and your skin becomes prone to oil build-up. Normal skin is not conclusive of the state of a majority of men’s skin. Normal skin basically means that your skin’s concentration of oils is divided evenly across your face. Combination skin is frequently where the oil distribution is imbalanced with the areas of dryness on your face.


The final staple of any skincare routine is a proper moisturizer. For people with skin that is dry most of the time, it is necessary to spend in a long-lasting moisturizer suited for sensitive and dry skin. For those with more combination or normal skin, it is necessary to find a comparatively common moisturizer that accommodates those with a general skin type, and the same regards to men with oilier skin. It will guarantee you softer skin and much-reduced irritation, so you can go about your daily tasks and look fantastic. Only that you have to spend some time to achieve good results.

Toners & Cleansers

Skin Care Routine for Men

A toner is essentially a water-based cleanser you apply to your skin following your shower to help remove any surviving infections or impurities. It is great for those people who have additional oil blockages, and it wipes away any constant dirt. A cleanser is actually a type of wash designated for use on your face, but it is important to evaluate the use of your products and understand what your skin needs for optimal preservation. For people with other types of skin, blackheads and oil cleansers will be appropriate to remove excess oils.
It is in your hands to maintain your skin, and if you can take time out to take care of your skin, then, it can yield results in the long run.