Polo on Vacation

Polo T-shirts are like go-to clothing for every Man out there. It is not that you pick them only for certain casual outings. Vacations are beautiful, and so your attire should be matching and resonating for you during your vacation. Vacation is for chilling and enjoying, and you cannot pick the first thing you come across in your wardrobe. Vacation styling can give you good vibes and make you look good, and give you confidence.

Solid Polos

Polo on Vacation

Polo T-shirts are cool and comfortable whatever the design you are choosing, but if you want to make a subtle statement, go for solid polos. The solid polos also make your mood calm, and you can wear them for a walk along the beachside or if you are taking a stroll inside your resort or hotel. Solid polos are suitable for your gym outing too, if you are concerned only about a perfect workout and not showing off the colours and patterns. So, tight fit solid polo T-shirts will do the job, and you can match them with gym shorts or track pants in plain colours matching your polo tee.

Striped Polos

Striped polo tees have a unique name in men's fashion, and most of the polo tees you see on the web are striped polos. Striped polo t-shirts give you the option and freedom to mix and match with everything you wear ranging from shorts, trousers, and jeans. Striped polos can be worn for your dinners, sightseeing, and normally its colours give you the vacation vibes. The mixed colour striped polos can exude confidence and spread good energy to the people in front of you, and for you, it can bring in a vacation mood.

Polo on Vacation

Since the name polo originated from the Tennis Courts, why not wear them for your sports activities? Sport a Striped polo and add a dash of colour to your sports. 100% Cotton polos are ideal for this kind of gym and outdoor sports. You can always be confident on your polos if it is the right fit, and it takes care of the rest.

Pique Polos

Pique is a type of fabric from which certain polo t-shirts are made from. This is one unique polo tee to have in your wardrobe. This type of cotton is long-lasting and has a touch of natural stretch built-in. Some of the most popular polos, such as the ones that you find from luxury brands are pique polos.

On a vacation, go for pique polos to have that rich look, pair them with a pair of shorts and sunglasses to ace your look.

Long Sleeve Polos

The Long sleeve polo T-shirts have full-length sleeves, simply like sweaters and button-up shirts. Occasionally, long sleeve polos will have unique details that place them apart from their short sleeve equivalents, such as button-down collars, buttoned sleeve cuffs.

Printed Polos

Polo T-shirts are evolving, and you might have surely heard about the printed polos. If you are choosing mild printed polos, go for a pair of shorts in mild colours like grey, cream, etc. Once you like to flaunt colours and prints at the same time, such that your tee consists of heavy prints, then go for a summer pair of shorts with the colour shade of the polo t-shirt.


Monochrome works like a charm when you wear it right. Monochrome means it doesn't need to be in plain black or white throughout, it can be mix and match and playing around with grey tones, black shades, etc.

Grey Polo T-shirt and black shorts can give you a classic look, and your vacations can go a notch above. Other options to make you look suave is to go for a combination of a Black polo tee with a contrast collar and a pair of mild grey or silver shorts.

Vacations should include fun, and if you are going to have fun you should be perfect about your clothing, and then you can be rest assured your attire will carry the style, and you can make eyes turn to you, and fashion statement is never far away. Polo tees are a classic addition to any wardrobe, and you can mix and match it up with the things already present with you. Pack some polos for your vacation and make a statement. Comfort and style are your companions for your vacation along with your polo tees.