Plus size fashion essentials

I am sure you can relate to the frustration of trying to find clothes that are comfortable, cute, and affordable. How many times have you stood in front of your closet wondering what to wear? Even with dozens of options looking back at you, it just doesn’t seem like there’s much to go with. This is the problem that many plus-size men or women face each and every day. The key to looking sharper and slimmer is a proper use of visual trickery. Every good wardrobe needs basics. The not-so-easy part is finding these pieces when you are building a plus-size wardrobe. Don’t worry! We have made your work easier by listing some outfits which will not only make you look stylish but will also make you look comfortable and happy.


Solid neutrals and classic prints:

         To prevent you from looking giant in the outfits which you carry every day is always better to choose darker colors such as black, navy blue, etc. this is because dark colors will make you look visually slim and attractive. The dark colors will flatter your body and give you a toned look. In a matter of the patterns you choose, it is always considered to choose checked patterns with the bottom wear or suit which you try. Try wearing shirts on dark hues and subtle stripes on blazers in muted tones. It’s all about light tenures with prints rather than anything with busy graphics or patterns.

Fantastically tailored:

       Tailors are your best friend. Instead of opting for readymade outfits, you can go for tailored outfits. As it will enable you to choose everything in your outfit i.e., from the button color to the fabric which you want in your outfits. Tailored outfits will make your body flatter beautifully in a natural way.

Passionate fabric:

       When it comes to fabric, it’s always good to find a good quality of fabric as fabrics make up your wardrobe. If the fabric is too thick it will add bulk to your body and if it is too thin you’ll be exposing lumps and bumps. For suits, separate coats are the solution, and for knits go for wool and silk while avoiding polyester. While choosing shirts, tees and chinos go for cotton and a small amount of polyester in it. The synthetic fiber will add durability and sturdiness as well as offer shape with fewer crinkles. Go for natural fabrics that hang close to the body.

Structural and simple:

      “simplicity is the final destination”. Search for clothes that look simple and shaped to the body. The key is structural suits, jackets, and blazers that add a nice ‘squaring’ from the shoulders down and give shape automatically. Wear chinos if the occasion is more casual.


  • Dark tees:

You don’t have to wear the stuff from head to toe, but it’s especially good for tees, sweats, and shirts which act as a flattering base to build the rest of your look around.

  • Tapered trousers:

Search for a trouser that tapers into your ankle but will leave some room around your thighs. Very skinny or slim-fit trousers will cling to your leg and make your leg visibly larger.

  • V-shaped shirts:

V-necks shirts will transform bulk into muscle. Try wearing shirts with a v-shaped collar to look muscular as they don’t add bulk to your body.

  • Monochrome:

When you’ve got more width without your choice the best thing you can do is you can increase your height. We aren’t telling you to wear heels. It means your top and bottom halves would blend into each other and the eye is drawn up and down, not across. To get the optical illusion of a leaner physique stick to a single color.



Now that you’ve got the basic fashion essentials that are required in your wardrobe, try wearing these kinds of outfits and amaze others with your sexy look. Always make sure that you don’t underestimate yourself because of your plus-size body. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and so are you. “Beauty lies within you”, so be confident about yourself and appear confident by using these style tips.