Men’s Fashion Trends for 2021

Fashion trends are always evolving. They will be in trend today, and some will be out by tomorrow. But during this very unpredictable period, some fashion trends do come back to fame. Alike can be said about men’s fashion trends for 2021. It is no secret that fashion trends perhaps isn’t the menswear community’s favourite cup of tea. Now the world is in a platform where more of investing money in timeless, quality pieces are at top of the pile, keeping pace with fashion.

This year it is no less a revival of trends. It is difficult to look at some recent collections of designers, and not be able to see some sort of cultural phenomenon. So yes, a distinct kind of functionality in fashion is back.

Structure & Fit

Men’s Fashion Trends for 2021

There will always be a importance on a structured fit. The overall profile or shape will be slimmer and as close to the skin as possible. Having said that, with the budgets minimized during the pandemic, comfortable clothing will represent fashion in the new year rather than expensive, try me pieces.


Men’s Fashion Trends for 2021

People are evolving and they like to be unconventional. There is nothing new in terms of unconventional fashion. This year expect a lot of floral, calming pastels and classic pinks to rule fashion. These not-so-traditional menswear trends are taking over the examples of many reputed designers. So this year, if you think about trying lavender T-shirts, pink kurtas, or floral shirts, we would tell you are pushing in the right direction.

Watch out for Neons!

In addition to the mellowness of pastels, the hints of neon and pops of hue made it to the Fashion scene. The biggest brands are in favour of these pop out colours, especially neon and bright yellows.

Neons are surely aren’t the easiest colour trends to pull off, but if you adjust it right, you will never be missed in the crowd. An illuminating or bright yellow should brighten up the mood too. Yellow can be tricky to match with most skin tones, but when done right, it can elevate even the most boring and sober look. You can use these colours mainly on sportswear, jackets and even on accessories.

Business Suits

As the overall look will change to a smart and sharp look this year, you can opt to wear single or two-button formal jackets over slim and narrowed formal trousers. Ensure the suit looks well set, and that’s it is tailor-made to fit you. Ties are going to be voluntary in 2021, which means the weight will be on the shirt below and the lapel of the jacket that should ideally be both slim and narrow.

Biker jackets

Men’s Fashion Trends for 2021

Biker jackets won't go out of style, and for a good reason, they are adaptable and can be worn for everything from day to day wear. Most styles will keep you warm in the cold, shielded from the wind, and even sanitized as some of them will be available with anti-odour and anti-germ coats. Colours to go for include brown, grey, and black.

So, these trends will rule with many more trends. Hope this is helpful, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.