How To Style Graphic Tees?

Graphic T-shirts have been a go-to clothing piece in both men’s and women’s wardrobes for years. But, occasionally you might want a few more from your t-shirts than what you think you can get out of them. That is how your Fashion sense grows. We are here to tell you that there are numerous ways for you to style graphic T-shirts and still look chic and every occasion ready. But there comes a time when it is all too much in so many ways. So, you would be always looking for ways to get more wear out of what we already have.

Graphic tees are such a great attire to have in one’s wardrobe. We will let you know how to style them. In our previous blog, we had explained the various types of graphic T-shirts. Please check that too, to begin with.

Graphic T-shirt with Layers

A solid shade of black or white base colour makes your tee simple to layer with other pieces in your wardrobe. Try it with a denim jacket, a pullover, or even a blazer or sports jacket. But is a graphic tee so informal by its kind that you can only dress it up to a specific point?

How To Style Graphic Tees?

Not certainly. You can also match a graphic tee with a suit. For example, if it has a white base, it will look great with a suit and a normal white sneaker.

Choosing the Right One

There are several graphic tees out there. There are good and bad graphic tees. What constitutes a good one? The most significant part is the message that you are attempting to send. Choose a graphic that is both stating something cool or is just a great picture. To style a graphic tee or choosing a good one, it should be in plain white or black, not any other coloured one. With a black or white background, there are no disturbances and you can just concentrate on that graphic.

Fit it Right

The most essential thing to consider when picking a graphic tee is how it fits. Make sure that it is not too big or long. You need to choose a T-shirt that is a little shaped to your body. The fit of your tee is ideal when you can pinch between 1 to 2 inches of material on either side of your stomach. Regarding the height, it should end around your hip.

Do not Neglect the Footwear & Accessories

How To Style Graphic Tees?

Try a minimalist sneaker – white or black, depending on the base colour of your shirt. It is the key to making the graphic pop, as well as your outfit. You can rock casual dress shoes like a derby or Chelsea boots. Pair them with jeans rather than trousers to avoid producing too much formality.

You can always have a lot of fun accessorizing your graphic tee. There are tons of opportunities. Try a cool hat to give you a look that gives added royal and smoothness. If your graphic tee has some colour in the graphic, try pulling up one of those colours in casual varieties of belts and watch bands.