How to Style a Polo T-shirt?

Polo T-shirts are like a backbone to any Men's Wardrobe, and it is a must-have staple for men. The problem is that people use it as a go-to option wherever they go without considering what the occasion or the event is. Polo T-shirt is so famous that can get established in the fashion history of men’s wear, no matter whatever the style it is presented. So more and more men want to now know the fashionable and eye-catching ways to wear polo T-shirts. But, before taking this and wondering about how to style them, you should have a clear idea about what and how to use the polo t-shirt. By knowing its features completely, you will be in a better position to style it perfectly. There are many polo T-shirt types like full sleeve, half sleeve, pique polo, etc. So, each one has its purpose and the occasion. The mix and match should be perfect to get a complete look. Let us look into some options on how to style them.

Casual Occasions

How to Style a Polo T-shirt?

The polo t-shirt is very handy and can be worn on many occurrences and events. Polo t-shirts are primarily intended for casual occasions. For casual occasions, all you have to do is to pair your untucked polo t-shirt with pieces of denim, it can be blue tone denim, or any other colour depending upon the colour of your polo. To complete your look, look for sharp shorts, and wear sneakers to give it a more casual look. If you are planning on a beach party, pair your polo t-shirt with shorts and sneakers. Here, you can show the variety in your polos by opting for printed ones, colour blocks, stripes, etc.

Formal Occasion

How to Style a Polo T-shirt?

For maintaining a formality, the first thing you need to keep and maintain is simplicity. It can go in the lines as less is more. For formal occasions, polo t-shirts normally pair well with chinos and trousers. Tuck in your t-shirt for a more professional look and pair it with loafers or a pair of nice boots. For formal occasions, try to hold with solid colours preferably instead of a striped shirt. When you are heading for a casual business meeting, pair a polo t-shirt always with well-fitted trousers.

Wear them Right

When it comes to wearing a polo t-shirt with style, always aim to get the length of the sleeve right. Sleeves should run mid-way underneath your biceps. Overall, your t-shirt should fit confined to your body. The length of the t-shirt is also one of the principal concerns while wearing a polo t-shirt. Go for the length of the t-shirt, that is not being higher than your hip, and also note it should not be lower than a few inches below your waistband. The t-shirt should be lengthy enough that you can tuck it in and short, compact enough that you can wear it untucked. Also, if you think unbuttoning the polo shirt is fashionable, make sure you erase that thought and try to at least button one of them. For an amazing collection of Polo T-shirts check out Classic Polo's Collection.