How to look stylish and yet comfortable in shorts?

Shorts have become the normal attire for working from home in this pandemic. It has been at the forefront. We all attend meetings and work in this attire. Looks like this trend is not going to stop anytime soon. Do you want to look stylish in shorts and yet be comfortable? This article is more beneficial for the people who always find comfort in fashion. Shorts are the best outfits in summer. You must have seen people wearing comfortable clothes that we wear at home outdoors too. From your neighbor to your favorite celebrity almost everyone has approved this trend. Why not follow this trend which gives you the freedom to step out of your home in bedroom outfits? Since we all are spending more time indoors, we cannot just wear any kind of shorts and look boring. As the clothes which you wear decides your mood. Always make sure that your shorts are above your knee. You can glam up your outfit by using these tips and look stylish even at home. 

How to look stylish and yet comfortable in shorts?


Pair it with a t-shirt:                                                                  

A T-shirt is the most common outfit available in every man’s wardrobe. Shorts and tee are the most common combinations we wear at home. But, we don’t think about what kind of t-shirts will suit the shorts or the color combinations. Let’s look at few easy styling tips to rock your tee with shorts

  • Pair a black round-neck tee with grey shorts. You can wear this look even to go outside as it appears to be cool and comfortable.
  • Pair a graphic tee with navy color shorts and you can add sneakers when stepping out.

Pair it with a shirt:

You can try any color or pattern with shorts. As anything goes well with shorts. Shorts and a shirt are a great combination to hang out with friends or hitting the beach. Always make sure to wear a collared shirt with shorts. Collared short sleeve shirts are the best options for men who want to look good but stay cool and comfortable as well.

  • Pair a checked shirt with navy color shorts and loafers.
  • Pair a simple red shirt with cream color shorts and white sneakers to complete your casual look.
    How to look stylish and yet comfortable in shorts?

Pair it with a bomber jacket:

This is a very fashion-forward pairing. Hitting a club or hanging out with friends, nothing can be better than this combination. You can wear the kind of tee that complements the color of your jacket. This combination is a treat to the eyes and most importantly convenient too.

  • Pair a red jacket, white tee, and black shorts. You can add wearing a sneaker for a dapper look.
  • Consider pairing cream shorts with a black jacket and a white tee. Wear white sneakers for a complete casual look.

Pair it with a blazer or coat:

This combination is popular in southern country where people wear this kind of combination for business meetings and office in summer. This is considered as smart look. You can even wear this kind of combination at weddings.

  • Pair a blue blazer with a white shirt and black shorts. You can add a tie-in contrast color if needed. Wear a loafer for a smarter look.
  • Consider pairing a blue coat with a white shirt and navy-blue pants, you can also wear white sneakers for a cool and edgy look.

Pair it with a denim jacket:

Denim is always in trend. You can rock your simple shorts look with a classy denim jacket. It always gives an edgy and stylish look. “When in doubt wear denim”. You can also wear a denim jacket on denim shorts. Denim on denim always rocks.

  • Pair a simple white tee with a blue denim jacket and black shorts. Add white sneakers to complement your look.
  • Consider pairing a black tee with a blue denim jacket and blue denim shorts. Wear a white sneaker or loafer


Try these simple yet stylish looks and make the heads turn at you. Always make sure that your shorts fit well and it should be above the knee. Don’t forget that shorts are made for a casual look. Always consider buying a good quality of shorts which you can wear at home as well as for hanging out. Think about the quality before investing in any kind of outfit as quality matters more than quantity. We hope you have found the easiest method to style your shorts. Experiment with your look every day and find your style. Be limitless! Use these tips and impress your girlfriend or crush with a comfortable yet stunning look.