How to Choose the Right Colour for a Polo T-shirt?

Normally, if you consider the colour wheel, all colours are connected. You can coordinate them with your skin tone to build a total look, but knowing how to do that properly is vital. Colours will be plenty, and they can always serve you the purpose you are looking for. So, having plenty of options in the form of colours will help you to mix and match with what you already have, and it will serve you the purpose on vacations. With more and more confusion comes in the form of colours on what to pair with what, there are a simple option and guide on what to pair with what. To best judge which polo T-shirt serves you, you will need to determine your skin tone. You have to check whether it is pale, medium, or dark, by taking a look at your forearm.

Fair Skin Tone

When you have got a lighter complexion, grey is a great colour to wear. It will be dark enough not to draw attention to your paler skin tone so that it does not wash you out. The polo T-shirt in grey is a clothing piece to have in your wardrobe all year round. You can pair it with denim pants and complete the look with a leather bag. You can also try shades that contrast with your skin tone, as they will also add warmth to the complexion. Due to the lighter skin tone, we recommend you to stay clear of wearing colours that highlight your paler tone. Alternatively, invest in darker shades that take away from your skin tone and stay free of bright colours that will make you fade into the background.

How to Choose the Right Colour for a Polo T-shirt?

So, while choosing the polo t-shirt, always keep your skin tone in mind. Since it is fair skin, we are talking about choosing colours like grey, brown, charcoal, burgundy, green, etc. will be apt. If you want legit advice, then do not even go near pastel shades, red and white shades.

Medium Skin Tone

If you have got olive or medium-toned skin that turns to golden in the sun, then you have what is commonly known as a warm complexion that accommodates a much broader spectrum of colours. If you are lucky enough to fall in this category, it means that you can pull off any colour and yet look smart. Since light and dark colours both contrast nicely with your skin tone, you can go for either look. Navy, beige, blue tones, black and pink are the colours that are dear to this skin tone. Navy is darker than a normal blue and very much favourable against mid-tone hues. This is due to the milder undertones of white and grey, which balances out the colour.

How to Choose the Right Colour for a Polo T-shirt?

Polo T-shirts are often worn as a single separate layer in the summer. But, if you are trying to go to a smart casual event, then they can easily be layered to make a stylish and relaxed look. Normally, Polo T-shirts work well layered with a blazer. You can match them also with knitwear. Choose a beige polo with a charcoal colour grey v neck for your weekend street looks. If you have decided to look dapper, avoid some colours for your skin tone like brown shades, red, and any tone near olive.

Dark Skin Tone

The main thing about the dark skin tone is that the complexion lies in the mind. People think it is inferior and avoid styling much. But, it all has to do with how you see the skin tone and how you want to present yourself. With the dark skin tone, you can easily pair several colours and be happy. The colours you choose should contrast with your skin tone, that is the main takeaway here. Unlike the medium and fair skin tones, the darker complexion has its limitations if you want to assemble a look that looks stunning. The contrast breaks up an otherwise uniform look and adds some character to your outfit. You have the licence to wear daring, bright colours like light blue or pure white, but you have to make sure you coordinate your outfit with a neutral undertone colour.