How fashion connects people

Since the beginning of time, fashion has been the factor that carries our character forward. It has been the medium that we use to define ourselves to the public. For a person to trust you, to love you, or to follow you, this medium plays a very subtle and strong role, which is often foreseen. And the best part is that you can predict where whom or when it comes from. 

Fashion is all about adapting or following. So ‘why to follow/adapt?’ is a question that comes often. Because human beings have the tendency to see themselves in a supreme manner from an evolutional perspective. Just think about the olden days when people thought that the Sun revolves around the Earth or the whole solar system being centered around the earth. Fashion too is in the same way. People want to show themselves uniquely from others. They don’t want to be seen in the same way others are. This is the starting point of fashion.

This starting point is from where its power comes from. The influence of fashion is powerful to that extent and must never be ignored at any level. That being said, fashion is never an aspect that can be confined to a community, country, or race. Adolf Hitler's mustache was a sensation back in the 20th century and people loved it in a contradictive way to his personality. Marilyn Monroe became such a big influencer that her style was even followed by Asian women. Kim Jong-un’s hairstyle has become a sensation and many people all over the world have started using it. If you see other fine examples, a shawl may be worn by many inspired from Gandhi’s style, or you would see a woman with the classy hairstyle of Princess Diana on the road to your office. Sarees worn by Indian women have become a fashion statement in the US and European countries, much to the extent that they have started wearing sarees to fashion shows. 

So in this case, if you ask us, fashion doesn’t have any strings attached and can be adapted, or reciprocated by anyone who feels that it suits their needs and character. And for this, his/her attitude is the fine tool that gets the best fit of fashion.

On the whole, fashion is one way in which people want to travel in different unique modes, but little do we know that these roads are tangled and intervene together, making one inspire the other on their way to each one’s destiny!