Fashion formula to hit the Beach

With summer here, the best place to lay off your heat is the beach. If you are the organizer, gathering your family or friends is going to be a tedious task for sure but once the group is set, enjoyment is definitely boundless. And as an organizer, I definitely understand your mindset. For you are the uncredited director of the memories that are gonna be made up!


Okay, so getting to the fashion perspective of this, we have to make sure that the attire we choose for the vacation is beach-friendly and makes your appeal raise a few notches higher. And based on our expertise, we suggest the following combos for beach fashion:

  • Vest with Denim shorts

A simple vest along with cool denim shorts are enough if you believe in a simplistic approach. Feel the warmth of the beach on your skin and get yourself going!

  • Sleeveless Shirt with a Bermuda

The sleeveless shirt and a conventional bermuda are all that you need for a relaxing stay at the beach, beneath the sun

  • Open Shirt with Shorts

Get yourself free and confident with some open attires. Wear simple beach shirts and open them up for some great beach air and showcase your oozing confidence!

  • Spring wear or Polo T-shirts

Trendy spring wear is a good choice for casual outings and the beach is one of those places that definitely needs one. Get some Polo T-shirts and casual spring wear for your beach holiday and show your style.

  • Hawaiian shirt and Colorful Shorts

For moods of absolute fun and enjoyment, Hawaiian shirts and some colorful shorts are the best options. You become the mood of the gathering and with a chill-out attitude, everyone is ready to have a glimpse of your happy self at the beach.

  • Sleeveless Shirt and Cargo Shorts

Sleeveless shirts and cargo shorts are other great combinations, as the cargos show off a masculine self that is unparalleled. A must-try is you are an adventurous person!

  • Slim fit chinos and beach Shirts

Slim fit chinos and beach shirts are always a safe bet when you don’t want to think much of your clothing for the day. Get going with the fun part of your vacation.

  • Regular fit Sweat Shorts and Cotton Jersey Vest

Sweat shorts and cotton jersey vests are those for the adventure-seeking, fun-loving person inside you. Get the setup on and go grab a surfboard! Need we say more?


Once done with the attires, get conscious of the other aspects as well. A good outlook is also factored in by the hairstyle and accessories. Get a pair of cool sunglasses, have a scruffy beard, and a casual hairstyle. Having a haircut before a week of the outing is much better.


Though the attire and accessories contribute to your appeal, it is your attitude is the force that drives you to get people along with you. It is like you get the chance to play the game with your looks but win the trophy only with your attitude. So both of them make up the one whole prize.