Fashion advice that you always seek

Fashion advice is something which every one of us seeks to look killer in every outfit we carry. We all follow simple rules in life, the simple rules go with fashion too. Where do you get the advice from? We always get advice from experienced people who are successful. Then, why not do the same even to seek fashion advice. So, when it comes to dressing well you have to follow simple rules like wearing shoes according to the outfit you have dressed, wear a belt when tucked, shoes and belt color should be the same. So, always stick to a black or brown belt to avoid fashion blunders, etc… These ‘rules’ have been found in history. They have worked for generations and it will probably work in the future too. ‘Dressing well is a skill’ it is not been inherited since birth. You have to develop this, just like the other skill you develop. There are certainly many rules out there than mentioned here. Some of these have already been discovered by you. After all, it is the part of the pleasure of clothing, which no rule should hamper. So, improve your style game by keeping all the things in mind that are mentioned in this blog. Stick till the end and figure out the tips to look ultra-stylish.


Develop your ‘eye’ by identifying the style you like:

Most of us think that that we aren’t naturally stylish, but the real reason behind this is “we just don’t have ‘eye’ for putting together outfits or knowing what looks good” here’s the fashion advice for it. Is there someone whose style you think looks good? Something you think “I’d like to dress like that”, even if you don’t think you could pull it off. Maybe it’s a celebrity, musician, or someone? If yes, then that will do good. Because whenever you’re working on a goal, it's necessary to identify the style you like.


What you can do today:

Take 5 minutes. List out 3 or more guys who style you think to look great and that is the reaction you’d like to go. This will help you to know about your style and create a personal style statement.

Fashion advise that you always seek

A right fit solves 90% of the style problems:

You might have been amused by seeing a person looking so cool by just wearing a t-shirt and jeans and might have wondered “How the hell does he look so cool by just wearing a t-shirt and jeans?” the simple answer is “Fit”. Fit plays a vital role when it comes to great style. Because when clothes don’t fit properly, they show off your body proportions and make you look not only sloppy but also fatter and shorter than you are. This is the common fashion advice which everyone gives.

Fashion advise that you always seek

Buy classic piece first before dabbling into trends:

Classic styles are like classic movies; they aren’t going anywhere. Every one of us has faced this situation when we open the closet with the clothes filled in, yet we say ‘nothing to wear and we go on a shopping and after a month the same thing happens. It’s because the clothes which chose were trending at that time not now and is hard to mix with other outfits. The trend is that which eventually dies down. So, invest your money in the classic pieces. Follow this fashion advice for sure to save the hard-earned money.

What you can do today:

Start shifting your shopping habits to look for and buy classic styles.


Stick to the solid neutral colors:

A wardrobe filled with solid neutral colors is the classiest wardrobe. These colors aren’t overpowering and they easily mix with each other. Neutral colors are white, black, navy, olive, grey, khaki, brown. The plus point about neutral colors is not only that they are self-working, but also give a masculine color palette. It makes you look grown-up and serious.

What you can do today:

We recommend a ratio of 3:1 when it comes to solid neutrals and non-solid neutrals. Look at your closet for 10 minutes and figure out which kind of outfits do you have more. Do you have more non-neutrals, graphics, and patterns than solid neutrals? If yes, make a note to start balancing out to the ratio of 3:1.

Fashion advise that you always seek

Use “The Swap Trick”:

There is no change without stepping out of your comfort zone. “The swap trick” is introducing a new item to your wardrobe, which you thought you’d never wear, or an item of clothing that you’ve never considered before. Think of something like trying new cuisine, will you stick to the same cuisine for a lifetime or try something new? Use the swap trick to gradually step out of your comfort zone. This is a life changing fashion advice, which we recommend you to use it for sure.

What you can do today:

Think about something you wanted to add to your style that you’re nervous about. Use “The swap trick” and be proud of yourself for trying something new.



Stick to these fashion advice mentioned above and look your best. Follow the tips mentioned above and be a head-turner. Good style can not only make you look attractive, but also it can make you be noticed first and given chances first. You can make your presence felt by following the fashion advice mentioned above. Step out of your comfort zone and try the things which you haven’t tried before, to get the things that you’ve never imagined before. Just step out of it, if you are uncomfortable with it. Wear outfits that make you comfortable and look elegant. Get ready to be a king of style!