Dashing Way To Carry Off Yourself With Smash Vest

Smash Vests For Men. From the House of Classic Polo, we bring you the Smash Smash sister brand of Classic Polo brings you the exclusive men's collection range starting from T-Shirts, Polo T-shirts, Gym Vest, Track Pants and Shorts to Sleepwear. But in this segment, let's see how can rock and roll without smash vests alone.

Vests alone have several ranges and types. Let's see what type of vests will go well with what type of physique and what type of vests will go with what types of shirts.



  • With Colors Varying from Light color to bright one can have a lot of options to choose from.
  • We broke the stereotype that vests should be plain patterned and solid. Our Smash vests come in dual tones.
  • With Pockets mounted on the smash vests, one can keep tiny particles like AirPods while jogging or running.
  • With the latest sweat-absorbing technology our vests tend to absorb the wetness and dry it out quickly.
  • With shoulder flaps coming in three different sizes-men with all kinds of the physique can try our vests.
  • With Extra elasticity, one can stretch his arm's as much as one wants to be.
  • The lightweight feature is one of the most highlighted features of our vests. It's so lightweight one cannot feel that he is wearing the vest.
  • One of the first and foremost reasons one should go for smash vests is it is from the house of Classic Polo. Smash has the same premium quality and style that Classic Polo carries.
  • Smash vests have 3 types of chest contour lines.
  1. i) Low Line Contour - Vests with low contour lines will suit gym wear. With all the workouts during gym session outcomes, a lot of sweat this low contour chest level helps to outplay the sweat that flowing through from one's body and absorbs it so quickly and dry it out as fast it can. Good for summer times.
  2. ii) Mid Line Contour - Midline contour vests sits between the perfect balance of gym vests and professional vests. While men face a lot of confusion choosing their vests this type of vest will come in handy for men with confusion to choose what type of vest he needs. It can be worn during both summer and winter times.

       iii) High line contour- Good for professional use. Good for winter times. With the Highline contour, one can pair up a button-down full sleeve shirt for a most exquisite look. Even with a half sleeve shirt, the high line contour vest can give you a kind of Mexican look.


Dashing Way To Carry Off Yourself With Smash Vest


  • One can match up with any type of shirt with our smash vests. When it comes to vests they have always been seen as the essential ones and not as a fashion statement. But with smash vests, one can fulfil both the necessity and the style.
  • One can match both the full and half sleeve shirts with our smash vests. Wear our vest and pop of the top two buttons on your shirt and you are set for the casual look for the day.
  • The tank tops are worn without any company these days which means they don't need any additional wear to cover up the top. Let alone the tank top can carry one's style.
  • Pairing up your Hawaiian or floral shirt with gym vests give you a most gangsta look. This kind of outfit is suitable for vacation or party time.
  • Shorts and vests have a history of going well together. It's a simple and subtle fashion statement one can make.
  • Depending upon the weather one can match vests with track pants or even chinos as an indoor outfit.
  • With the climatic conditions that India exhibits all over the year, our smash vets are hugely recommendable for men. Buy our vest at https://smashonline.in/


Dashing Way To Carry Off Yourself With Smash Vest


  • Starting from fabrics to price tag our smash vests are eco-friendly ones.
  • We already know smash is from the house of Classic Polo, a brand that hails from Tiruppur a city known for its textiles and garments.
  • Following the footsteps of Classic Polo Smash products too doesn't substitute its quantity with quality.
  • With guidance from our Managing Director, Mr Sivaram T.R foreseeable future for a greener and pollution less Tiruppur Classic Polo has planted over lakhs of trees and plants over the years under its foundation VETRY.
  • This eco-friendly initiative has been fueled by pure desire and hunger for greener Tiruppur by our Managing Director Mr Sivaram T.R. He also founded the initiative Vanathukkul Tiruppur under his foundation named VETRY (which translates to victory).


Dashing Way To Carry Off Yourself With Smash Vest

With all things said and done you cant experience the feel unless you wear it. Grab a pair of smash vests at https://smashonline.in/