5 Ways to look trendy in a printed shirt.

Printed shirts are seen everywhere on the runway this season and they are the freshest way to upgrade your outfit. Printed shirts are integral to wear in every season. Whether it is summer, rainy, or winter it is comfortable and looks stylish. It goes well with any kind of occasion. You can wear the printed shirts in both formal and casual outfits. “let the print take center stage”. Need a way to seasonalize your nine-to-five? Wear a printed shirt. Looking for something to bring life a barbecue? Wear a printed shirt. There are printed shirts for every kind of occasion. The key is to find what fits your style, and your wardrobe. The great thing about a printed shirt is that it can transform a look from mediocre to interesting. It also allows you to have fun with colors and break up your neutrals. Summer is a great time to take out a printed shirt because it’s a season where brighter and more expressive clothing is expected. We are here to help you learn how to wear printed shirts stylishly. Avoid looking like a dad on a holiday and follow these simple style tips to pull off a printed shirt.


Pair with denim:

Pairing any of your outfits with denim can never go wrong. If you want to get an edgy and cool look, cracking this combo has everything to do with fit as well as print. It’s not just a matter of styling your shirt either, here the cut and color of your jeans can make or break your efforts.

  • Try a darker print with light blue denim jeans, a biker jacket, and white sneakers to get a killer look.
  • Consider pairing a printed shirt with dark denim, a biker jacket, and white sneakers for a classic rock n roll style that feels understated. 
    5 Ways to look trendy in a printed shirt.


Pair with a suit:

The key to getting the printed shirt and suit combo right is about balance. A printed shirt under a suit can bring in a touch of modernity and individuality. Keep prints interesting and detailed, bigger prints can sometimes get lost in the suit and spoil the line of the jacket. Remember not to go crazy, it’s not a fashion week.

  • Pair a pink printed shirt with a blue blazer, blue formal trousers, and black formal shoes to ace your look.
  • Try wearing a white printed shirt with a black suit, black formal trousers, and black formal shoes to look hot and incredibly handsome.


Pair with a knit:

Even, under a knit, pulling one-off might be a tricky business. Use different types of knitwear to adjust how much is on the show. For something more formal, keep the shirt pattern simple and pared-back with similar tones to your outfit.

  • Try wearing a white knitted printed shirt with black khaki or chinos pants and black or white sneakers.
  • Consider pairing a grey knitted shirt with black chinos. Remember to tuck in your shirt and wear black or brown leather.
    5 Ways to look trendy in a printed t-shirt.


Pair with Chinos:

Pairing a printed shirt with chinos will give you a classic smart look. Tuck the shirt in for a formal finish and leave it untucked for a casual yet edgy and cool look. Replace your denim jeans with a humble chino, and they will give you a tailored feel without costing you an arm.

  • Pair a light blue printed shirt with black chinos and black or brown loafers for a semi-formal look.
  • Consider pairing a grey printed shirt with black chinos, a brown leather belt, a steel watch, and brown loafers to get a formal finish look.
    5 Ways to look trendy in a printed shirt.

Pair with shorts:

Pairing your printed shirt with shorts is a perfect combination for a beach look. You can try this combination when you want to get a killer casual look. If you are a minimal guy who still wants something a bit interesting, this combination is a great shout.

  • Pair a white printed shirt with black shorts, white sneakers, and wear sunglasses to finish this edgy and cool look.
  • Try wearing a red printed shirt with white shorts, a brown leather belt, sunglasses, and white sneakers to finish this killer and edgy look.
    5 Ways to look trendy in a printed shirt.


The main advantage of wearing a printed shirt is that they are suitable for all types of body shapes and types as they can conceal our flaws while accentuating our personalities at the same time. As a rule of thumb, stick to long-sleeve printed shirts for work, date nights, and formal events. Short-sleeved printed shirts for the outdoors and weekends. Make your wardrobe as versatile as an actress, it should be able to play many roles. Be versatile not only in looks but, also in your nature. “life is all about being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life”. Try the style statements mentioned above and get a stunning look.