5 Trendy ways to look dashing in a date

Date is something which everyone loves to go to and are obviously nervous about what to wear to make a good lasting impression. It is very important to make a good impression on the first date, only then you can go on the second one. You have finally found the guts to ask out your crush, and she said yes! So, how are you going to make a good impression? We are sure you are going to love this article and thank us later when you have successfully laid a good impression on your girlfriend. You have probably heard the saying “it takes only 7 seconds to make the first impression”. When going on a date, aim to be the classiest and sexiest version of yourself. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the right time to be trying completely new things. Let’s face this. No man ever wakes up looking like James bond or Michael. B. Jordan. Unless you’re one of those lucky persons who have been blessed with those billion-dollar genes. So, you have to make an effort to look dashing at a date. You can style your game by just following the simple tips given below.


#1. An effort is the most important thing:

It doesn’t matter you are wearing designer clothes on a first date. Cause a woman will not notice designer clothes, instead, she will notice the effort you have taken to dress up on a first date. Our style is a symbol of what we are. It represents the choices we have made in life. Getting dressed is an action. As the saying goes “Action speaks louder than words”. For instance, does it matter what kind of car a father drives to pick up his kids? Definitely not. What’s more important is that he shows up. It symbolizes that he’s responsible and cares for his kids. In the same way, you should make an effort to look nice and handsome. This will symbolize that you respect her company.


#2. The right fit is more important than expensive clothes:

Any clothing that doesn’t fit well is an instant put-off. Getting clothes that fit well, will solve 90% of the style problems. Wearing clothes that fit better will not only make you look better; it allows you to look good even when you’re dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans. If you wear loose-fitting pants, this will remind her of her dad. LOL, just kidding! There is nothing that is going to kill sexual attraction faster than this. Hence, wear those outfits that will fit you well and you will rock in any outfit.

5 Trendy ways to look dashing in a date


#3. Swap in a button-up shirt than a t-shirt:

Most of the women love to see their date show up in a button-up collared shirt than in a t-shirt. T-shirts are often associated with “casual” dressing. Swapping in a collared shirt signals that you are putting an effort to go beyond “casual”. You can try wearing a Flannel shirt or Slim-fit shirt. These two shirts are perfect for a date as they will make you look more muscular and fit.

5 Trendy ways to look dashing in a date


#4. Shoes are very Important:

Women will judge you based on your shoes. It’s hard to beat a solid pair of boots, as they work well with jeans or dress pants. So, try wearing a solid pair of boots for a date. And whatever, you do just don’t show up to your date wearing a slipper or unmatched shoes. Shoes make the outfit or break the outfit. You have to be very cautious while choosing shoes for your outfit.

5 Trendy ways to look dashing in a date


#5. Woo her with good fragrance:

Women have a better sense of smell than men do. Yes, you read that right! Wearing a good perfume is one way to get inside her head. So, when you are on a date, make sure that you smell good and attract her with your fragrance. Nothing works well than a good fragrance. Try using soothing scents like lavender cause research says that lavender fragrance gets women relaxed and makes their mood lighter.


Taking your crush out is the best feeling ever. The best compliment you can get from a girl is “I feel safe with you”. Make her feel special and loved. Always make sure that you always compliment her and make her feel good. Never try to fake yourself, just behave the way you are but, in a very polite manner. Never forget to showcase your gentleman character on a date. Girls get attracted to a gentleman than a dapper. Never be late on a date. Make sure you show up on time. Be the one who gets there a few minutes early to score the perfect table. When she arrives, she will be relieved and impressed to see you already present there before time. Follow the simple styling tips mentioned above and rock your date.