5 Tips to wear a Polo t-shirt in style

Polo t-shirts are popular and are in the trend for the past 10 years. They are known for their unique style and perfect fit. Polo t-shirts are everyman’s true wardrobe staple. It is a simple but timeless piece of clothing. You can wear a polo t-shirt on any occasion. Especially when it’s hot and when you seek clothes which are comfortable to wear yet look good, polo t-shirts are the best option. For summers, we recommend you to pick either pure cotton, Supima cotton, or linen. These are airy, breathable, and feel good to the skin. A Polo t-shirt falls between a t-shirt and a dress shirt. It’s a perfect outfit for events that aren’t formal but cannot be considered casual too. It’s a great t-shirt for summertime first dates or hanging out with friends where you don’t know where will the evening take you. It is just as comfortable as a tee. It is not surprising that this comfortable and versatile piece of clothing dominates the menswear market like no other. There are many interesting and engaging ways to style a polo t-shirt. No matter the temperature rises or drops, you can always look stylish in a polo t-shirt by just following these simple tips.


Polo t-shirt + blazer:

Polo t-shirts are the perfect way to balance workwear while keeping it chill and cozy. You can mix and match your extremely formal pieces with a classic polo t-shirt and give off an ultra-sophisticated look. Layer your classic polo t-shirt with a complementary blazer and look classy and smart. Here are some ways in which you can style your classic polo t-shirts even in workwear.

  • Pair a blue formal blazer with a white polo t-shirt and blue formal trousers. Just replace your undershirt with any kind of polo t-shirt.
  • Pair a black classic polo t-shirt with a grey blazer and formal trousers. Don’t forget to tuck your shirt and wear a brown leather belt.
    5 Tips to wear a Polo t-shirt in style

Polo t-shirt + sweatpants:

Sweatpants and a polo t-shirt are perfect combinations to give you a relaxed and cool look this summer. Make sure that your polo t-shirt fits you well to avoid looking sloppy. You can wear this combination while attending the meetings in working from home.

  • Consider pairing a maroon polo t-shirt with grey sweatpants and white sneakers.
  • Pair a white polo t-shirt with black sweatpants and black sneakers to ace your look.

Polo t-shirt + shorts:

When the weather gets too hot to handle, this combination seems to be a perfect choice. When it's difficult to find clothes, which are both comfortable in the summer yet look stylish, in that case, this combination works better. Keep the polo untucked and ensure that it fits well.

  • Pair a navy-blue polo t-shirt with blue denim shorts and white sneakers. To glam up the outfit, you can wear sunglasses while hanging out. This will give you an edgy and cool look.
  • Pair a white polo t-shirt with light blue shorts and black sneakers.
    5 Tips to wear a Polo t-shirt in style

Polo t-shirt + chinos:

If you are confused between formal or casual outfits to wear. Chinos and polo t-shirts are exceptionally good choices as they lie between formal and casual outfits. You can complete your look with white sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, or derby shoes.

  • Pair a black polo t-shirt with cream chinos, a black leather belt, and black lace-up shoes.
  • Consider pairing a blue polo t-shirt with white chinos, a black leather belt, and white sneakers.

Polo t-shirt + jacket:

This combination is being on-trend for the past one year. It looks good on men. You can layer up the polo t-shirt with a jacket and get a stylish and elegant look. You can try this look and make the heads turning at you.

  • Wear a white polo t-shirt with a black jacket, black trousers, and white sneakers.
  • Layer a denim jacket with a red polo t-shirt, black jeans, and black boots.
    5 Tips to wear a Polo t-shirt in style



The whole point of wearing a polo t-shirt is to stay comfortable. So, the fabric of the t-shirt is equally important as the fit. You should opt for a fabric that’s light and breathable. When the fabric and the fit are good, you can look attractive and smart. Think twice before purchasing any polo t-shirt as your decision can make your look or break your look. “Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that changes your look”. Decide well and choose the outfit before investing in it. A versatile and evergreen piece in the menswear space, those are a few ways to wear polo t-shirts. we are sure there are even more ways to style this one. We hope you got some cool ideas to style your polo t-shirt and don’t forget to implement this style. Look good and feel good.