5 Style hacks to look dapper

  A man has to be well dressed to exude confidence, attractiveness, and charisma. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s necessary for you to be unique in your style. Being stylish doesn’t mean wearing expensive clothing. It clearly means to look stylishly comfortable without costing you an arm. Who has thought that the trendiest fashion in 2021 will be wearing masks and lounging around in PJs at home? No one right? The rules of fashion and styling have changed drastically over the last few months. But sooner or later most of you will stop languishing around the house in shorts and get back to suits and tie. ”Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality“ so, always make sure that your personality portrays well enough to be called stylish. You can look lavishly stylish by just following few tips daily without costing many bucks. Guys, it’s time to step up the style game. Let’s get started!

5 Styling hacks to look dapper

1.Wear the perfect shoe:  

The shoe is the most basic and dominant accessory for men. “Shoes say everything about you” is the often-heard quote by most of us. Whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever you wear, try wearing the perfect shoe. Always make sure that the color of your belt matches the color of your shoe. Every guy should have at least one pair of sneakers in which he can look stylishly comfortable

  • While matching the shoes for office we always get confused to wear brown or black formal shoes.
  • . Most of the time, a brown dress shoe does just fine. But for those rare occasions when brown isn't the color for the job, a plain black cap-toe will always be appropriate. 
2. Pairing is fascinating:

The fascination lies in pairing. The basic rule in styling your dress is matching your top wear perfectly with the bottom wear... Why pairing your outfits is considered to be important? Matching clothes goes beyond looking nice. It affects how you feel and your confidence. When you confidently put together an outfit and intentionally matched different pieces, you'll feel great wearing itIf you’re confused about how to pair your outfits, here are some tips which you can use to pair your dress well;


  • Go dark with your coat and footwear and choose lighter colors for your T-shirt and trouser.
  • Style a dark-colored blazer and pants with lighter shades of T-shirt and shoes.
  • You can always explore all-light and all-dark outfits but remember to add a twist of color through your belt or tie
 3.The Potential of pants:

Wear perfectly fit pants. It’s simple if clothes fit you perfectly, you will look a lot more presentable. Your pants should snug around your thighs and hips but make sure that it’s not tight. A man is defined by the right pair of pants. Trousers are just as important as part of clothing as jackets and shoes. They are key to comfort at work every day - that is why it is worth focusing on good quality products, appropriate size, and durability. 

  • If you look at the wardrobe and are confused about what to go for, Try wearing chinos. It goes well with formal as well as casuals. But, we would suggest you go with dark-colored chinos because they will make you look more presentable.
  • Get the feel of skinny jeans but in a smarter form with these slim-fit trousers. Whether it’s a suit or separates, they’re the ultimate way to spice up a classic outfit. 
    5 Styling hacks to look dapper

 4.Keep your belt subtle:

Belts are meant to keep the pant in place. Always make sure that you wear the belt perfectly. As the basic need to wear a belt is to hold your pants not to weigh you down. So, cast your belt in a subtle supporting role. Always make sure that your belt is of nice quality leather and matches your shoe. While dressing up make sure that your belt width and clasp size goes down

 5.Don’t underestimate the power of accessories:

To look sophisticated and smart, a small accessory makes a big difference. When you go to work every day, the watch you wear in a white shirt or a belt which you wear in black trouser makes all the difference. Because it’s your signature style of wearing accessories, as your choice of a watch might be different from that of mine. That is where you stand out of a crowd. Wear a simple accessory that adds to your personality and you will look dapper like a watch, belt, sunglasses, shoes, etc.

5 Styling hacks to look dapper




Smart dressing is not limited to casual T-shirts or hoodies, it’s way more than that. There is no rule book for this. Wear any kind of style with confidence and look dapper always. Next time when you dress for work, try these styling tips and wait for the compliments to pour in.