5 Different ways to use a black t-shirt

A black t-shirt is one of the most common wardrobe staples in every man’s wardrobe. They have always been on trend for many decades. These days black t-shirts are used as a base layer for cardigans and jackets. You should know to spice your black t-shirt look for an edgy and smart look. Styling a black t-shirt in a cool way is not rocket science. It is as simple as eating a piece of cake if you know which flavor to eat. Choose a black tee that fits you well and it is not baggy over the shoulders. The major defining to any tee, not just black tee is their neckline design. Choose a tee that is well proportioned to your body. A black tee is perfect for those, who don’t want to throw more colors in everyday look yet wants to look ravishing in daily outfits. They can slick aesthetic to your personal look if you play your cards right. Let’s look on to those simple styles which you can wear easily without thinking anything. It is very easy to pair a black tee with any kind of your outfit if you follow these simple rules.

5 Different ways to use a black t-shirt


Classy look:

Pair a black tee with any kind of blazer and get a completely classy look. T-shirt plays a crucial role in the smart-casual space for men. For a blazer, we would suggest you wear a V-neck shirt. As it goes well with a blazer and makes your body look well-proportioned. Those who want a complete suit look with trousers can opt for a round neck tee.

  • Pair a black V-neck tee with a red blazer, black denim, and black boots.
  • Consider pairing a black round neck tee with a black blazer, formal trousers, and black lace-up shoes for a smart and classy look. 

Casual Style:

This is the most common and found style, which you can find anywhere i.e., pair a simple black t-shirt with any color of jeans to ace your look. You can wear this casual style yet look cool while hanging out or to college. This casual look is more representative of motorcycle styling and will give you a masculine edge.

  • Wear a black t-shirt with white denim or any lighter color jeans. This look suits well in the warmer season.
  • Consider pairing a black tee with black denim and white sneakers for a killer look.

Comfortable yet cool look:

This look is for those who find comfort in fashion. You can try pairing any kind of shorts with a black t-shirt and be comfortable even in summer seasons and look hot in shorts and a black tee. But, always make sure that your shorts should lie above your knees.

  • You can consider pairing a black t-shirt with black shorts or any color. As black goes well with any color. And don’t forget to wear sneakers, they will complement your look.
  • Pair a black tee with blue denim shorts and black sneakers to ace your comfortable yet casual look.
    5 Different ways to use a black t-shirt

Sporty look:

You can try wearing a black t-shirt with joggers for a sporty look. You can carry this style while hitting a gym or walking on an errand. Joggers have become the hottest selling wardrobe items in recent years. Always make sure that your joggers are fitted well to give you a masculine look.

  • Pair a black tee with black joggers and black sneakers to ace your sporty look.
  • Wear a black t-shirt with cream color joggers and white sneakers.

Smart casual look:

You can easily pair a black t-shirt with any kind of jacket for a killer look. It is considered one of the most stylish and versatile looks. You can wear this casual style from smart casual duties to evening drinks. You can never get bored of this style as there are endless options available in the jacket.

  • Pair a black tee with a blue denim jacket, black denim jeans, and white sneakers.
  • Wear it with a brown jacket, black denim jeans, and black sneakers.


We hope you have figured out the different ways to wear a t-shirt easily, with the options available in your closet. Do consider wearing these styles and get a smart and killer look. Create your unique style by mismatching your black tee with any kind of trousers, chinos, or jeans. There are endless options available to pair a black t-shirt. Create your signature style by experimenting with your looks. Do not be scared to try different styles. Every style you try will give you better ideas to wear a black t-shirt in style. If you do not have a black t-shirt, no worries! You can get it in smashonline.in and try these styles for sure.