10 Shortcuts to rock the shorts look

Shorts look is the most amazing look anyone could ever wear. This is because what was once considered indoor wear is now the most worn outdoor wear. You can see shorts everywhere like theaters, railway stations, malls, airports. Because nothing makes men more comfortable than a piece of garment that is simple and gives them a stylish look. Shorts have become a vital part of men's fashion and wardrobe. They have replaced the days of men wearing pants. Whatever the occasion may be one, you can always find shorts to wear for it. Shorts culture has peaked when silicon valley IT enthusiasts embraced them like one of their technology.

10 Shortcuts to rock the shorts look:
● Either you pair it with a full sleeve shirt or half sleeve shirt, shorts can easily pull the most elegant look.
● With a graphic tee or solid round neck tee, shorts can give you a casual look on any given day.
● Not only shorts does go well with round neck t-shirts and both variant of shirts. It also does go well with the Polo neck t-shirt With a polo neck and shorts, you can set for a day with the classiest look.
● One more t-shirt variant that looks astonishingly stunning with the shorts combo is Crew Neck T-shirts. This is like the most therebetween look one can pull off with the crew neck t-shirts.
● Men's tank tops are another top that goes well with shorts. It is like perfect vacation wear for men.
● While tank top does go well for men with muscles, skinny men try their hand on full sleeve t-shirts to match it up with shorts.
● Floral print or Hawaiian shirts are like a perfect top to wear with shorts for dinner night.
Full sleeve collar neck t-shirt paired with shorts can give you a back-to-school look.
● The camouflage shorts can give you a most rugged look.
● With pants, you always have confusion about choosing the perfect footwear to wear, but with shorts starting from slippers to boat shoes everything goes well with it.
10 Shortcuts to rock the shorts look

● What separates Classic Polo from the rest of its peers is, the eco-friendly environment. Starting from manufacturing to packing.
● All the eco-friendly standards have been followed in every product we manufacture.
● Vanathukkul Tiruppur an initiative under Vetry Foundation Tiruppur, under our managing director Mr. Sivaram, has been applauded for the eco-friendly initiative he has been carrying over the years.

● Is the rules and guidelines of wearing shorts does matter, when you don't know where to get a perfect product? That is where Classic Polo comes into play the brand well known for its quality and trendy collection based on the garments hub of India, Tiruppur.
● Over fabrics are tested well and we use handpicked fabrics to manufacture our shorts.
● Our fabrics have been tested a lot of times before pre-production so that the end product does satisfy all of our customers.
● Shrinkage test, fabric wash test this kind of tests eliminate possible outcomes of product shrinkages, products getting fabric marks all over the shorts after the wash.
● And one more thing is, we don't substitute quality with quantity.
10 Shortcuts to rock the shorts look

● What's fashion when you don't have a VARIETY?
● Cotton, Linen, Tropic Wool, synthetic, Denim, and Bermudas are the types of the range we offer.
● Cotton - Natural, Cooling, and for easy breathability and seat absorbant. Good for daily day wear and doesn't cost you an arm.
● Linen - Looks rich and costs you a buck. If you want a quite elegant look you can go for this. Perfect wear for summer.
● Tropic Wool - Best For winter. The con is that it can be only worn during winter. But it goes well with sweatshirts as a top.
● Synthetic - Good For athletic stuff. One of the cheapest ranges available in the market. This is the perfect bargain one can obtain in the shorts segment.
● Denim - One of the craziest, swagger segments to come out of this. This is the kind of shorts that everymen should have to own and at least a pair of them.
● Bermudas - This is for the men who don't want to get too much knee exposure. The Bermudas are best known for their easy stretchability and elasticity.
● Our Cargo range shorts are one of the must add in this segment.
With a lot of options available like this, one can choose the perfect one according to their wish.
10 Shortcuts to rock the shorts look

● With us, one can get the craziest products at the craziest price. Not only the shorts but for every product of ours.
● While other sites discount prices only during festive time, our site's discount has been run throughout the year.
● Starting from tags to labels, the accessories used in our products are eco-friendly and recycled.
Please visit classicpolos.com to buy the perfect shorts for you and your beautiful wardrobe.